Leesbevordering in Ierland

Leesbevordering doe je niet alleen. In de nieuwe rubriek De wereld rond vertellen onze zusterorganisaties uit het buitenland over hun werking. En over de favoriete kinderboeken uit hun land. Vandaag is het woord aan Elaina O’Neill, die voor Children’s Books Ireland werkt.


About us

Children’s Books Ireland is the national children’s books organisation of Ireland. Through our many activities and events we aim to engage young people with books, foster a greater understanding of the importance of books for young people and act as a core resource for those with an interest in books for children in Ireland. Our vision is an Ireland in which books are a part of every child’s life and where meaningful engagement with books us supported by passionate and informed adults in families, schools, libraries and communities.

An interesting children’s book a by an Irish author or illustrator

thekeeper_150The Keeper by Darragh Martin is a really exciting debut novel about a young boy who finds himself appointed ‘keeper’ of a very powerful magic book. It is set in a fantastic world and brings the reader on a really thrilling adventure. The book draws on old Irish myths and stories, so it has a flavour of our culture but it’s brilliant and original enough that a reader can easily get drawn into the story without having any background knowledge.




My favourite children’s classic

lewiscarrollbookcover_150randA book I loved when I was growing up, and still love, is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. My dad had The Complete Illustrated Works of Lewis Carroll, and I was fascinated with the strangeness of Alice, the feel of the language, the nonsense and the vivid characters and places. It has always struck me as a very colourful and rich story, and it has had such a profound influence on popular culture in many ways.



A beautiful picturebook


Andrew Whitson is an illustrator from Belfast whose work has been shortlisted for and has won numerous awards. His publishing house, An tSnáthaid Mhór/Dragonfly Press, produces on average one picturebook a year in the Irish language, and one of my favourites is Cogito, a book about a young girl who is looking for her shadow. Andrew’s illustrations are intricate, extraordinarily detailed and very beautiful. There is plenty of magic and a hint of darkness in this story. There’s a beautiful video on YouTube that brings the story and the illustrations to life – with English subtitles for our non Irish-speaking friends.

Met dank aan Elaina O’Neill

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